Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

A long time ago I promised I would do the story on how we visited the Little House in Kansas on our way down from Iowa to Texas, and now the time has finally come. This is not the actual house the Ingalls lived in, but someone has replicated the cabin on the same site where they believed the original house would have stood.

Joseph checking out the fireplace.

I had sewn Jessica this pioneer dress last year, and had no idea then that it would be put to good use like this! Laura would have been very much her age when she lived here, so it was easy to imagine what she might have looked like.

This is the well Pa and Mr Edwards dug. I think it must have changed a little since then, but at least you can say you've seen it.

On our way to the creek.

Prairie. I think there is not nearly as much prairie as was in Laura's time, because I did not see what she wrote about, endless prairies with no trees in sight. There were always trees in sight, no matter which way I looked.

Picking the wildflowers.

As we got to the creek, it was easy to see where Pa could have gotten his rocks from to build the chimney.

I think this creek would have been wider back in the day. There was a lake upstream, and the creek now was hardly deep enough for a girl to drown in, like it says in the story.

We visited the site in April of this year, and it was simply the best time of year to do so. We were the only ones there, and the weather was great. It is a place worth seeing, especially if you have little girls that love Laura!


Yes, our children are Belizeans now. I am just too relieved not to have to sit in that government office anymore. Not many things are more frustrating and time-consuming than sitting in a government office in this country...

Ok, I finally have a computer where I can update my blog like I enjoy, so that is why I am doing a few blogs at a time. Gotta take the chance while I have it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More photos

This is the thing to do on a hot day.

My brother with his daughter and her cousins :).

Coconuts, from our own trees.

This job I prefer if someone else can do for me! I'm not a very good machete expert anymore.

This parrot sometimes greets us when we go for walks. It belongs to some neighbors. (The building you see in the background is the one-room school Daniel used to attend as a boy.)
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