Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the farm

It is time for more farm photos again. I have to make up for not blogging for so long. 

 A few of my favorite plants. I love caladiums, the colorful leaves. I have planted more beside the barn in the photo below. 

 I keep falling in love with this country still. Now that the unpleasant weather is behind us for the year, I can relax and enjoy it again.

 One bright early morning I had to grab my camera and shoot away. We have had enough rain to make everything so green. It's gorgeous!

 After several weedings the plants around the house have taken up enough space so I don't need to worry about weeds so much anymore.

 The cows come home. I love the way they were all following the leader to the water towards evening.

 Here is a new addition to the farm. This cute little hen house! After a long time with no real place to call home, our hens finally have a wonderful place to roost and lay their eggs. 

 As soon as that house was finished, we went and picked up this dandy rooster from some friends. Isn't he a proud-looking feller? We are now welcomed each morning by his awakening crowing. Not only that, he also crows at 2:30 at night! I'm not sure what's up with that... But it does make the farm feel more complete.

 The nest boxes.

Dusk on the farm...

Family update

 Here is my little thumb-sucker. She's funny. When she plays with her bear, she often sucks her thumb, as if those two go together.

 Goodmorning cutie! That fresh smile can cheer any groggy person.
  Daddy calls this little lady his Queen Victoria sometimes. She sure is a little queen in my eyes too.

Proud papa. AND Mama!

 Girlie is 6 months old now.
It didn't take long for that first half year to pass, now that it has actually passed.

 Cute cousins in purple.

 I found this tired little man asleep on the big tractor one day. He was afraid the tractor was going to be gone if he went inside to finish his nap!

Apple eating time at the hotel. We went to Mexico last weekend, and I had told the kids they could eat as many apples as they wanted there. It seemed to be a highlight for them.

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