Thursday, November 15, 2012

Family update

 Here is my little thumb-sucker. She's funny. When she plays with her bear, she often sucks her thumb, as if those two go together.

 Goodmorning cutie! That fresh smile can cheer any groggy person.
  Daddy calls this little lady his Queen Victoria sometimes. She sure is a little queen in my eyes too.

Proud papa. AND Mama!

 Girlie is 6 months old now.
It didn't take long for that first half year to pass, now that it has actually passed.

 Cute cousins in purple.

 I found this tired little man asleep on the big tractor one day. He was afraid the tractor was going to be gone if he went inside to finish his nap!

Apple eating time at the hotel. We went to Mexico last weekend, and I had told the kids they could eat as many apples as they wanted there. It seemed to be a highlight for them.

1 comment:

Kim Brenneman said...

Your sweet children are getting so big! Victoria is adorable!

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