Monday, August 19, 2013

Farm Update

What's new on the farm? A bunch of nine cute little baby chicks hatched by our very wise white hen who is good at it.

We love our free range eggs, but have not been eating our own lately. We were running out of the regular brown hens, and what I really wanted was the local colorful hens who lay the goldenest eggs you ever saw. So when our hen stared sitting on her one egg, I quickly bought more to add to her pile and she faithfully sat and sat and sat till her time was up. It amazes me how a mother hen can sit like that with only an occasional quick meal a few times a week.

Nine out of 11 eggs hatched, one chick died, so now we have 8 beauties. I keep hoping that at least half of these will be hens for future egg layers.


 To watch a mother hen care for her chicks is amazing. A lovely example of a good mother.

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