Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My big boy is 7!

When I think back to those days they were tiny in the hospital, I am so happy we are on our way to have another one, in a little over 3 months. It is very exciting indeed, but for now I want to focus on Joseph, the big birthday boy. He just isn't small anymore, as you can see in the photos.

 He loves dressing up cowboy style, especially when it comes to helping Daddy, his uncle and cousin with cattle.
 This year when we found out our friends had some puppies they wanted to get rid of, we decided to give him one for his birthday. I went there on his birthday and let him pick his own, although they all looked very much alike to me! He knew exactly which one he wanted. Since we are moving to a big farm in a few weeks, this dog will come in very handy. It is precious seeing the boys take care of and play with him.

 We looked online for puppy names, and it didn't take him long to pick. It was Rusty, a name we others all approved of.
 Perhaps the best part of his birthday was that Daddy took him on his very first fishing trip ever! I packed a nice lunch for them of fried chicken, fries, pineapple and cookies, and packed it in this neat little bucket I found at a yard sale--for free.

They did not catch any fish this time, which I expected. Isn't fishing all about having fun, swimming, eating and walking to the river anyway? Just having a grand ole boy time with his Daddy. It was very good for him. He learned the basics of fishing, and how to handle a rod, and that is a big accomplishment already. Maybe next time they can fish somewhere where there are more fish, or another river. For now, he had all the fun he needed for his birthday. No toys, no fancy gifts, just a dog we got for free and a fishing trip with Daddy, something I think he will remember for the rest of his life.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Time out

 I know I know! I have been lousy here lately. But when you are very excited about getting ready for a baby, taking special care to exercise and healthy eating, when you are planning a move in a month, when you are trying to give your children all the care they need, then its OK for a blog to get neglected for a month. Here are some photos of a very neat place we ate at recently. In a short while I hope to get some photos of me, the big mommy, on here as well. 

 This is McWolf's burger, located just a mile or so east once we leave Spanish Lookout.

 There is a thatched roof to the back of the little shack which houses a neat seating area.

 The food did not cost a fortune, something we appreciate. The lights were old lanterns replaced with bulbs. Love the idea!

So, if you're looking for a lovely little place to go relax and eat, try McWolf's! Besides burgers, they have pizza and other simple foods and specialties like fried or bbq chicken.
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