Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fall in March, and a photoshoot

 Did I hear someone say the title can't be right? I guess this country does not listen to the rules! I must say Belize is so unique, and this March I can't help but notice a hint of spring with pink and white flower trees, fall, summer and a bit of winter, all mixed up.

 Ok, so maybe its not autumn, but it sure is fall! There was even a chill in the air when we took these photos.




Most photos done by my sister-in-law, Delia. Thank you sis!

A wedding anniversary -- out on the field

  Hey, what's more exciting than going with your man and spending time with him on the field when the beans are being harvested, on your wedding anniversary? All right, so maybe there are a few things, but this one ranks pretty high with me. I get to go away from my work, don't need to do dishes, don't worry about spending too much money, just pack a picnic and off we go! This was one anniversary were we watched the money come in instead of going out, so to speak. LOL.

 These flowers are not too clear on here but those were the kind used for our wedding decorations. They are always a favorite for me when March comes around.
 It was unusually chilly for March. We have had a real nice and long winter this year.

A happy couple still, after 15 years...
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