Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love pretty things. And pretty magazines. I used to order from Reiman Publications, but now that they have started putting ads in their magazines, they are history here. They used to be ad-free, but not anymore. No one seems to get away from that evil thing called money.

Anyway, I was at the library the other day and saw that they had Ideals magazines for sale for 10 cents. I figured I'd take a few.

I liked them so much I told hubby if he went by the library to pick me up the rest they had. So he brought me a stack!

They have recipes.
They have beautiful photos, poems, and articles,

and paintings of by-gone days.

There are no ads.

There lots of great articles to read, and pictures to enjoy looking at or to use for cards or crafts. If there comes a time when I need something to do this winter, I know where to look! Not that I expct a time like that for a long time, but maybe I will need a change from this busy life now and then, and then I'll do it for fun.

I figured these magazines sure are worth 10 cents to me! If you like them, check with your library, they just might have some for you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


One very blizzardy day recently when we were all snug at home with nowhere to go, I took some time to put this basket together. I am an avid recycler, and throwing even a milk carton out can bother me, so I try to come up with ideas how to use them. I had the basket idea from before, and I had some burlap lying around that needed to be put to a good use.

Sometimes when I want to use an item for craft that I have at hand, I just need to stare at it a good while and then I might get ideas for how to use it. That's what happened in this case. Once I figured that I could make that little basket and cover it with burlap, I didn't waste any time and got at it. It does not take very long to assemble. All you need is a scissors, stapler and a glue gun, the carton and the burlap. I doubled the burlap so it would not be see-through. I used two pieces, one for the handle and one for the basket.

I am sure one could come up with many different ways of decorating and painting these neat little baskets, and I am always open to your ideas. Don't hesitate to tell me if you have a good one!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Great Day

Doesn't this just remind you of spring? This is what I picked from my garden one week ago. These green onions grew from my discarded onions and the lettuce grew by itself from seed shed by the first lettuce I had planted. I brag to people that here in Iowa, the garden will plant itself!

Today it's a blizzard out there. We have had the nicest November ever, but by almost mid December I am ready for winter. So, let it snow! We are all nice and snug inside our home, enjoying the woodstove fire and the fact that we are safe and sound and warm. Hubby did not go to work today; work was cancelled. I got all my dishes washed and the floors swept, with some help. I even had time for a little craft, which will be up soon! And I got three windows wind-proofed. And when little Tim slept, we all enjoyed a good game of Settlers. Of course I won:) Yes, it was a gorgeous day. Now its time to relax and enjoy the evening with a good book.
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