Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Great Day

Doesn't this just remind you of spring? This is what I picked from my garden one week ago. These green onions grew from my discarded onions and the lettuce grew by itself from seed shed by the first lettuce I had planted. I brag to people that here in Iowa, the garden will plant itself!

Today it's a blizzard out there. We have had the nicest November ever, but by almost mid December I am ready for winter. So, let it snow! We are all nice and snug inside our home, enjoying the woodstove fire and the fact that we are safe and sound and warm. Hubby did not go to work today; work was cancelled. I got all my dishes washed and the floors swept, with some help. I even had time for a little craft, which will be up soon! And I got three windows wind-proofed. And when little Tim slept, we all enjoyed a good game of Settlers. Of course I won:) Yes, it was a gorgeous day. Now its time to relax and enjoy the evening with a good book.

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