Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Home

 Here is the long promised post on the "new" house we moved to. It took a while because it took a while to get every room organized, then it took a while longer for this preoccupied mama to get to taking the photos... Let's start with a tour of the farm, and then we'll move inside the old farmhouse.

This is our mansion. the biggest house we've ever lived in! It was made for a family of fourteen, Daniel's, so it has plenty of room for a family of five, uh, six...
Me thinks this house will see a thorough cleaning from the outside very soon, and perhaps a fresh coat of paint within a year or two. It could surely use one. 

We managed to get one cat moved this way when we came; this is the most important one, and now she will have babies soon, which is giving my daughter quite an exciting event to look forward to. 

This would be my husband's domain. I could safely say this shed was one of the biggest reasons for us moving here. It is awesome to have him working at home more often, and the boys love it.

 A carport is such a necessary thing in Belize, especially after you have gotten used to one! It also houses our grill, and is a perfect place to have a family get together or for the kids to play in on a rainy day.

The back of the house. Notice the reservoir; it catches rain water during the rainy season so we don't have to just use water pumped from the river. A nice change from the previous place.

  I have such a great place to wash and hang my laundry from the small veranda. I do not have a dryer, but even if I did, I am way too country not to hang my laundry on washlines in the dry season.

 The front yard. Its kind of hard to see in this photo, but there is a swing under one of the rain trees. It is a lovely place to just sit and relax, and especially when the moon is out at night.
 A little flower bed I love puttering around in when I feel like it. Just removing and adding what suits my taste, and weeding and watering it. If I weren't this pregnant I would feel like planting flowers a whole lot more around this place, since it has lots of potential for plants. It will come, but first comes baby...

 The veranda off to the east of the house. This is where my table and chairs has found a home, and it also is a very relaxing place to enjoy a cool breeze when there is one.  Nowadays I prefer the AC room though, as it is starting to go up into the 90s. Whew! 95 F and high humidity makes an almost 8 months pregnant woman very willing to hang out in a cool room.

 My spools have also found a lovely spot to offer us some special moments, or when I need a break from gardening.

The garden is getting ready for a season of sweet corn. A garden I have to have if possible, no matter how pregnant I am.

 This is a look out from the second story, and you can see the huge orchard plus the outhouse on the right. You can tell that the trees and grass are starting to turn browner, which is a sure sign we have hit the dry season.

OK, that was the outside; now let's go inside, shall we?

 My kitchen and dining area. I really do like it a lot. Very spacious and lots of windows. See Joseph juicing some grapefruits in the left corner? We probably have more grapefruits on the trees than we could eat in a lifetime.We are freezing some juice and drinking lots of it.

 The living room. I am seriously considering replacing the age old curtains; let's see how much I will need to find to do to fill my time with in the next few weeks.

 Jessica' bedroom. Purple, of all things! She likes it, so what does it matter. And you don't need to tell me that a blue and pink blanket does not belong in a purple room...I already know that, but am not going to make a new blanket only for that reason.

 This is the upstairs middle open area. My wallhanging has found its place here.
The computer desk also sits in this area.

 The boys at play in their room. This one works out real well. Now all the toys are in this room, and that is where they are required to stay. It is very roomy, so lots of space to build their farms and log cabins and lego structures. Having such a huge farm really works wonders in keeping the house more tidy as well, as they spend lots of time outside.

 Our bedroom. Can you guess the theme is eagles? :) 

 We even have a guest room! Something we have not exactly had the privilege of having before. It is small, but big enough. We are getting ready to have my youngest sister from Winnipeg come visit us and help out once baby gets here. Looking forward to it!

That was a quick tour of this old farm and house. There would have been more, but this will have to do for today. I am very contented and happy to be living here, even though some people have said they feel sorry for me having to put up with such an old house. Once you have seen a lot worse, this is a wonderful place! I think it has been very well maintained, and with a little bit of careful decorating can turn into quite a lovely and comfy home. 

Come and visit sometime!
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