Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Reflections

It is time to sit down and take a break from so many things. Too many. We have been up to all sorts of stuff last week, and I will continue on again tomorrow with more busyness, but now it is time for a little breather.

On Mondays I have resumed my restaurant, so last Monday I made lots of pizza.  (Tomorrow its back to plain rice and beans with chicken, plantains and salad, the easy meal!)

Then Timothy cut his forehead, so he was unhappy for several days, complaining of headache and not being his usual self. Now he has recovered from that.

I have put up a queen size quilt in the basement a few weeks ago, but get it done ever so slowly. Just was able to get a few stitches into that last week...hope to do more this week. Anyone want to come help finish it? One of my aunts or in-laws, perhaps, or sister?  ;)

Thursday we went to piano class, and after that we headed to Belmopan for culture night at my nephews' school. It was interesting to see what all the different cultures had to display. Let's see if I can remember some of them. (These cultures all exist in Belize.) Creole, Garifuna, Maya, Mestizos, East Indian, Asian, Mennonite...that's all I can remember. What I gathered from this night was that Belizean people seem very proud to hang on to their own culture, unlike in the US where you are (or used to be) proud to have your culture melted away in the melting pot. Whether this is a good thing or not for Belize I don't know; but it was interesting to see all the different dances and performances by the children. 

Friday was homeschoolers field trip day! I took the children and got on the bus with a bunch of other rowdy people and traveled all the way to Mountain Pine Ridge. I have a few photos, but not available now for showing, as Daniel took the camera before I had time to download the pics...they went on a tour on the farm we visited, seeing different trees and animals and looking at how coffee was made. They got horseback and 4-wheeler rides, and went swimming in the most beautiful little creek ever. A tiring but worthwhile day.

Daniel left for the US today on business for the shop. So yesterday and this morning we were busy with getting him all set to go. He's going all the way to our old sweet home in Tennessee. Boohoo. I wish I was with him.

Jessica's birthday was last week as well, but I felt I did not do enough to make it special for her with Timothy being hurt and needing lots of attention. Plus, her best friend's birthday was one day before hers, so I baked a cake yesterday (amidst all the laundry and dishes) and decorated it for them. It was all worth the look on their faces when they saw the cake, so I am happy I did that.

We got ourselves some baby chicks last week! Here at the hatchery close to us they have reject baby chicks they just give away for free, so we decided to give it a try. This means I have to build a cage next week. I will let you know how raising chickens turns out...the children are tickled about it, and so am I.

This week I realized that sometimes I just need to let go of the 'clean house syndrome' and make it a priority to focus on meeting our children's needs. My house is a wreck, but the children are happy. When they are all grown, and I feel guilty about not spending as much time for them as I should have, I can go back here and read these words and say to myself, I am sure glad I did that.

Have a great week, y'all! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stitches and more stitches...

How do you raise little boys without this? I certainly don't know, because in our house every boy, including my big boy, has had to have stitches on the forehead. Are we peculiar or what?

It is not even a year ago when I rushed my oldest boy to the clinic for the same reason, and even less time ago when we took this same boy to the ER because of a bad bump on his forehead.

I think I just need to be thankful that it's not been worse every time. Today I took Timothy to the chiropractor and had him adjusted quite a bit. I also hope it will help his imbalance problem so that hopefully these incidents will decrease, as his lower back was out of place.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belize Animals-- Colorful!!!

I came across this site today; this person has been to Belize to photograph wildlife, and it is incredible the shots he took! Here you can check out the rest of his work. I just don't know what language he speaks; all I know is, his photos look great!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That will be Tennessee

Tonight at supper I remarked what a lovely place this world was to live in, as the weather is very nice lately; but then I went on and said the next world will be even more wonderful. It will be paradise, like the garden of Eden.

Then Joseph chimes in, "That will be in Tennessee".

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back again...

  I have been off my blog for a bit, but I think it is time for another update.

  First of all, we had another tragic death in Daniel's extended family, this time on his mother's side. Another cousin of his that took his life. He suffered from bi-polar disorder as well as the cousin that died a few months ago.

  That is what has been heavily on our hearts for a while, but, life goes on, and we are still here! Happy and trying to make sure our children are healthy and happy as well. 

  I have spent some time on the new quilt I put up last week. Now in my spare time I like to sit down and get a few stitches in. It is a queen size quilt and will take a while to finish. After this miscarriage I realized I needed to keep myself very busy, and it has worked well. I have more people over for meals, and invite family and friends to come quilt with me for a spell. I will post a photo of the quilt later on.

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