Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two long nights and one day...

As many of you know, we took Timothy to the hospital on Thursday. I might as well start at the beginning. Joseph had this brilliant idea that he was going to hitch the small tricycle to the big one with a rope, and give Timothy a ride that way. It just didn't work. The tricycle tipped and Timothy got a bad bruise on his forehead when he landed on the concrete. I thought I had seen this so often that it did not worry me much at all. In the afternoon of that day, his face started swelling near the bump and he developed a low grade fever. I was still not worried too much because I was told to watch for vomiting or unconsciousness and he had neither. But, the next day in the evening when we got together with family, it did not take long for the other expert mommies to convince us we needed to have him checked. We thought we would need to have a ct scan taken, so we were encouraged to go to the ER in Belize City, which is one and a half hours drive away. So we had to miss the family night and go to the hospital instead. When we got there, They took some blood tests, and did some x-rays. The pediatrician came and said, there was no fracture in his skull, but, he had a very serious bacterial skin infection called cellulitus, which, if not taken care of, could go to the brain. What happened is when he bruised his skin, he must have got the bacteria into the wound, which caused an infection in a matter of hours. She told us we had to stay at least 24 hours to have him on antibiotics, and to monitor him. And the fever was not due to the fall at all, but he tested positive for dengue fever on top of that. Poor little guy! In spite of all the needles and pokings he got, he was a super good boy. He would just run around in the room, playing with what he could, and didn't complain. I want to thank everyone for praying. The first night I slept poorly, cause I shared a single bed with him, and couldn't sleep when he was restless. The second night went much better.

 You can click on the picture to enlarge it.
 This shows him like he was most of the time, happy;

 The puppy Grandma sent from Winnipeg came at the right time. He clung to it once auntie Linda had given it to him.

 All that food is overwhelming!

I must say, I am very thankful today. We have a happy healthy boy again, although we still have to give him antibiotics regularly and take him to the local clinic to have him get injections. No fun, but it's all worth it many times over.  How fortunate we are!

I have learned, and would like to remind all moms out there, if your child falls and scrapes himself, take care of it immediately.  This bacteria can be anywhere. A lot can be prevented. Especially in this country, it is ever so vital.


Grace said...

So very happy and thankful for you Daniel and Annie! Praise Him!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
Just caught up with your blog again! Love to hear about your life. I'm so happy that things turned out well for Timothy.
Kim Brenneman

Rosella said...

I'm so glad he's ok! I couldn't stop thinking about him and you waiting your time out at the hospital. Makes it so much easier when they're happy. =)

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