Monday, March 31, 2014

Update on baby

 Here is an update. we are very thankful our baby was born healthy and strong, but since the birth she has lost a lot of weight, till we found out she has not been getting enough nourishment. Since then we have been working extra hard to try to get the milk into her that she needs. I see improvements already, so we believe she will soon be back to where she started from.  It has been a very hard and exhausting beginning, not to mention complications with the surgery, but all should be well soon, especially now that my Mom is almost here to take care of us. God is good! We thank friends for praying for us!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcoming into the world--

Our sweet and new little babe,
Marianne Joy
Born on Friday the 14th of March

 This little girlie got named after my Mom and myself, Maria and Annie. We think it will be special to her as she grows up.

 Introducing the two babies at the hospital.

 What a Joy to behold! A new life never fails to be a miracle.

We had made these special shoes for baby before she was born, and timothy asked to be the first to put them on. I promised he would, and he enjoyed it. He really loves his little sister, and feels proud to watch over her as I leave the room. 

Sleep peacefully, our little bundle of Joy. we love you, and are happier than we can say that you joined our family...
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