Saturday, January 17, 2015

Belize Stamp exchange

My daughter has the hobby of stamp collecting. She recently became more serious about it and hopes to receive letters, covers and/or used stamps in the mail. She will be happy to answer letters or trade Belizean stamps with stamps from other countries.

If you are interested, have a daughter or know of someone else who would be interested, we would be happy to hear from you!

You will see my email link on this page.

 We were delighted to find this British Honduras cover with stamp among my old things.

Linked to The Shabby Nest

Family photos

 The most recent family picture.

 Our baby is doing pretty well. Still not where we want her to be. I made another trip to a new Dr yesterday, and got some great help I believe. I am still waiting for the day when it will all look completely healthy with her. Now I have renewed hope!

 Joseph received a glass chess game recently. He loves the game.

This sweetheart has been sick for a few weeks around New Years, but now is her usual cheerful self again. It is precious to have healthy children.
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