Monday, May 22, 2017

Update from this year

 It has been crazy long since I blogged. I decided to include several photos from the beginning of the year till now. my baby has grown a lot since the last blog posts.

 Cousin and sisters time.

 Yes that's my helpful baby. she is quite a willing helper and full of energy. she keeps me hopping just trying to keep the house in near-order.

 One exciting event so far this year was the young people camping trip. This time my hubby and I joined in and it was very rewarding. Above is a pot of beans thats cooking.

 More cousin fun times.

 Another very exciting trip that happened was going to Costa Rica. It had been a long time since only hubby and me did such a thing. It surely was a blast.

 I could not get over how much being up there in the mountains reminded me of our Tennessee home. for a bit I felt like I was up in the smokies again.

 We've had some pretty kitties. And some birthdays.

Cattle feeding time is special time on the farm. 

 Time spent on our future farm, climbing the plum tree.

And very special to us is that our kids still have the privilege of visiting their great-grandma. She was quite ill but surprised us by recovering again. She is a treasure and loves visits from all her family.
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