Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back again...

  I have been off my blog for a bit, but I think it is time for another update.

  First of all, we had another tragic death in Daniel's extended family, this time on his mother's side. Another cousin of his that took his life. He suffered from bi-polar disorder as well as the cousin that died a few months ago.

  That is what has been heavily on our hearts for a while, but, life goes on, and we are still here! Happy and trying to make sure our children are healthy and happy as well. 

  I have spent some time on the new quilt I put up last week. Now in my spare time I like to sit down and get a few stitches in. It is a queen size quilt and will take a while to finish. After this miscarriage I realized I needed to keep myself very busy, and it has worked well. I have more people over for meals, and invite family and friends to come quilt with me for a spell. I will post a photo of the quilt later on.

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