Monday, May 10, 2010

Farm life and health care

Today went pretty well until my big boy came home with a bloody face. His cousins took him along to get some compost for the garden when he had jumped and fallen on the trailer and cut his forehead. I rushed him to the clinic to have him taken care of. I sure hadn't expected to do something like this so soon! but living on a farm one has to be ready for incidents like this.

One bad thing is, Joseph cut himself on a rusty steel edge, so they want me to take him back to give him the tetanus shot. I always knew that would be one shot our children might not be able to avoid if we live on an active farm, and I think in this case we might have to 'err on the side of caution'.

They don't have any doctors at the community clinic, but the nurses are taught to do a little more than first aid services. It took only two stitches. Here's the great thing; they only charge 4 Belize dollars for one stitch, which would be 2 US. Altogether I only paid $19.oo US for the whole procedure. Talk about a great health care system!

Other than that incident we are all doing great; no more weather complaints around here.

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