Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally, an Update!

Hi! Now that we live in a third world country, internet access is not so easy anymore, so that's the reason I am not writing lots lately. I hope it will improve soon. I still have some to share about our last times in the US and some about the trip.

The children have been sick. Cough, diarrhea, and today Jessica fell down pretty hard with a bicycle. Lucky she still has all her teeth. Now and then the children just want to cry, and I know I need to be very patient with them as I understand it is very hard on them to have made this move. The good thing is, they already have lots of friends so that makes it easier for them. They are getting settled, and I think by now they would prefer to live here instead of moving back. I wake up happier each day lately as well. There is so much reason for us to be happy here. Daniel is very much enjoying his new job here.

Our stuff and our cars won't arrive before another 2 weeks or so, so until then I have to busy myself with other things. I am already working on getting a garden plot started. Let's hope the officials won't mind letting me take some seeds into this country, as I took some 'peaches and cream' sweet corn seeds along. Some things just aren't easy to come by here, and there is no guarantee that I will get it from the store once I want to plant it, and they might only have very limited choices, if any at all.

Enjoy the photos! It's a great life, at least on photos it is! :)

We decided to go for some fast food on the street; rice and beans with chicken. UM YUM.

That green tea tasted pretty good that day. The red cheeks say it all.

And, here's another good thing, when it gets so hot and we have time, we go swimming! We've got great rivers for it, and it is a good pastime.

Doesn't that look inviting???

My nephew and niece enjoying the picnic at the river.

In the morning the cows wake us up, or the birds, or the neighbor's chickens...

This chicken can get into the house, but not to worry, he is usually shooed out. It's my niece's pet, by the way... And I don't think I need to explain the no-pants issue here... it's too hot for that.

Today I watched my brother in law plow their garden... Uum, Uum, I wouldn't exactly recommend this!!! It seemed as if the plow wasn't heavy enough.

Ok, that's it for today. I will be sure to update when I have time or access, so be sure to stay in touch.

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