Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love pretty things. And pretty magazines. I used to order from Reiman Publications, but now that they have started putting ads in their magazines, they are history here. They used to be ad-free, but not anymore. No one seems to get away from that evil thing called money.

Anyway, I was at the library the other day and saw that they had Ideals magazines for sale for 10 cents. I figured I'd take a few.

I liked them so much I told hubby if he went by the library to pick me up the rest they had. So he brought me a stack!

They have recipes.
They have beautiful photos, poems, and articles,

and paintings of by-gone days.

There are no ads.

There lots of great articles to read, and pictures to enjoy looking at or to use for cards or crafts. If there comes a time when I need something to do this winter, I know where to look! Not that I expct a time like that for a long time, but maybe I will need a change from this busy life now and then, and then I'll do it for fun.

I figured these magazines sure are worth 10 cents to me! If you like them, check with your library, they just might have some for you!

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