Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plum Creek and Walnut Grove

From Milford we went up a little further to explore some Laura Ingalls history. First we went to the museum in Walnut Grove. I have enjoyed the little house books so much that I found it interesting, but to some it might be boring. But if you have little girls that enjoy those stories, they would definately love visiting these places.

Here is a dugout at the museum. It would have looked very similar to Laura's home on the bank.

A schoolhouse at the museum.

Playing at Plum Creek.

Exploring the prairies behind the dugout. To the left are the plum trees that grow along creek. Laura and Mary picked up a lot of plums to preserve.

This is the scene you see if you were standing at the dugout door looking out.

This is what's left of the spring, where they got their clean water from.

And this is where Joseph re-enacted some history. While I was standing at the dugout site, trying to imagine what life would have been like so long ago, Jessica and Joseph ran over the bridge and on the banks along the creek. All of sudden I heard some big splashes, and wonder what kind of big fish swim in this little creek. I realized it was none other than my little boy! I yelled at Daniel that Joseph was in the creek! He tore down the bank to the creek like you wouldn't believe it, fully prepared to dive into that frigid spring water to rescue his son. By then I saw Joseph had gotten out of the water by himself. It turned out that he saw this log, and decided it would be a perfect way to walk across to the other side. Lucky for him he never got to the log. He had to get into the water to get to the log and must have decided it was too cold or unpleasant. That little man had to run around barefoot and pantless after that. But, that doesn't dampen a little boy's enthusiasm at all. I think he rather enjoyed being barefoot.

Whew. I thought I knew all about raising little boys by now, but I guess I am just starting to learn all about little boys and their big ideas...

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