Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby Chicks

 What's cuter than a bunch of baby chicks...?

...A cute little boy holding a baby chick.

We slaughtered our first batch of chickens last week. (Yep, it was me that slit all those throats...)That was only 10. But it sure does feel good to have some home-grown free range chickens in the freezer. 
Last week I also went back to the Hatcheries and asked for twenty new baby chicks. She handed me the box back and asked me if it was ok if there were more like thirty. I said yes. Since these are free rejects, it is easy to loose some at first, but so far we have only lost three. I am not a person to kill off baby chicks just because there are too many, so we will try to raise all of them. I can't say I am looking forward to slaughtering day or days, but hey, it will be worth it once I have thirty home-grown free-range chickens in my freezer...or maybe I'll sell the extra and make a few dimes...
When I went to buy feed at the mill recently, I saw this calender that was for the taking and I couldn't resist, seeing as we are in the chicken raising business now. Cute cute.

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