Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aquarium Craft

We have this very good craft book by Kathy Ross and the children love finding easy crafts for them to do. Today they wanted to build these aquariums. They were able to do most of it by themselves, but I needed to help with a few details like the clear plastic wrap on the outside.

  1. Take a small to medium box, and cut all around the box at about 2-3 inches from the bottom
  2. Paste blue background paper on the back (which is the back of box).
  3. Paste some pictures of seaweed or rocks on the blue paper.
  4. Cover with bubble wrap.
  5. Now paste pictures of fish and other sea creatures on the bubble wrap.
  6. Cover clear plastic wrap over box and tape on the sides
The instructions say to use foam for the fish, and then not paste them on, just leave them loose in the aquarium, and then you are supposed to be able to rub a tissue or your hand on the plastic and the fish should move around to your touch. We did it more simply. I have no idea how well that idea works, but if you find out, let us know!
Another simple aquarium craft is to take a foam tray, paste small sea creatures to it, and cover the whole tray with clear blue plastic wrap. Simple, but lovely!

Have fun on a rainy day!

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