Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Sunday

 We had a great Sunday! First of all we went to Rosa's for breakfast. I love that place for breakfast. They serve  Belizean,  Mexican, and American breakfast there. They have some great foods for other meals as well at great prices, so its well worth a fact, I took Joseph there yesterday for a cherry coke float and a chocolate cappuccino latte blizzard. How does that sound for Belize?

 After that we had planned to go to Cahal Pech Maya Ruins in San Ignacio, but then it rained. Blessed first rain after the dry season! So, we went back home and enjoyed some games. After lunch it had dried enough that we figured we could still go, so we did. I was hoping all that climbing would help bring on labor, but then, I wasn't feeling very mobile at all! I feel like the clumsiest lady in the world. I still had fun.

How come you can't see how fat a belly is on a photo??? I am sure I look worse than that in real life!

The children had fun; what better place to explore than all those spooky  vaults and tunnels and stairs to climb...

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