Monday, April 15, 2013

Patching boys' jeans

If you're like me, you often pick up a pair of jeans, wondering whether or not to fold them up one more time, or add them to the burning trash pile. A few months ago I came up with a new idea how to fix pants. Since my hubby also uses jeans, I had no problem getting matching pieces. See the photos below and notice how I sewed the pockets from big jeans over the worn knees, which in this case all happen to be on the same knee for some peculiar reason, :), and used the bottom part of the big jeans to replace the worn part I cut off of Joseph's jeans.

Now that summer is here and there is no more school, he will be wearing these pants out one more time, and then we can worry about buying new ones. This saves me money for now, and he loves them! no more boring patches, although I never was much of a pant patcher before this.

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