Monday, July 15, 2013

Transformed Butter Cookie Tin

 It makes even more sense to eat those yummy butter cookies, now that you know you can make something this pretty out of the tin.

 Spray paint white, then pink on the bottom piece of tin. Cut out a snowflake pattern that fits the lid, and hold that on the lid as you paint pink over that. That gives you the lacy pattern on the lid.

 Paste a lovely rose in the middle. When dry, spray all over with a clear coat for extra protection and gloss. You can add lace around the bottom piece if preferred. You could also put the lace on, then spray paint with pink just like we did with the lid, and you would have the lace pattern there without needing to use the lace itself. It should definitely last longer that way.

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Felecia Cofield said...

Hello Pioneer Mom! You sure are living an exciting life with all that traveling! How wonderful to get to see all those places you've been! I bet Belize is beautiful!
I love this project! I have a lot of Christmas tins that I can do this with, since they can only be used for Christmas. Thanks for sharing this! Blessings from Bama!

Pioneer Mom said...

Felecia thanks! Yes Belize is beautiful! Especially in the rainy weather when all is so green. I forgot to add that I lightly sanded the tin with a fine sand paper to roughen the surface somewhat. It helps the paint stick better. Good luck!

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