Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Maya Ruins trip

 We got the perfect day to go to the Ruins with my sister's family when they visited in Dec. it being rainy before and after, we were happy to have that nice day in between.

After this trip I decided though that kids and ruins don't mix. See the way my boy is hopping down these steep stairs? It cost him a fall forward on these same steps later on and caused this mama to scream out. So many thoughts run through your head when you see your kid tumble which could be a very unpleasant outcome. But, nothing serious happened! He stopped himself short by bracing himself with his hands on the steps.

 Its quite humid for December...

 Hmm, its probably just as well I did not climb to the top of this structure. Not sure if I could have stomached watching this from on top...the daddies were there, don't worry!

In fact, I did not climb any tall ruins this time. Last time I did I went into labor later that night, and I wasn't ready for it this time! I did joke to my husband though that once I am tired of being pregnant, we can go t the May Ruins again! It seems to be a thing to do in this country when you are getting to your due date and want some action.

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