Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our long weekend staycation

This April long weekend we wanted to do something special. Something fun. Being a little careful where our money goes lately, plus having a one and a two year old that can make a vacation extra busy, we decided to stay home. It was the best idea ever. We had so much fun I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I tried to capture some of the special moments. We have proved again that it does not take spending lots of money to make our children happy. just some careful planning and spending time together is all they need.
 Watermelon slush. Whats better on a hot day.

The most time was spent finishing up my lil museum. It got done enough for me to move in! Update coming soon...

A trip to the field to see how the beans were doing was fun too. Almost ready for harvest.

Some time was spent working at our land. Landscaping is taking place!

Those watermelons!

Someone gave us a bunch of pumpkins so we did this too...

We had a picnic outside under the tree. I had planned for special meals that I prepared for as much as possible before the weekend.

What I did not take photos of is a time of swimming at the river. It was certainly a highlight for the kiddos.

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