Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Joseph and his woodpile

When Daddy was gone to Belize for his grandfather's funeral a while back, I told Joseph to bring in some wood and fill up the woodbox and maybe we could surprise Daddy. It was close to the time he should have been home, so Joseph said he would carry in wood until Daddy came. I thought, ok. Well, here he carries in load after load, and daddy still is not home. I said he could stop if he wanted to, but no, he wanted to keep it up. So he carried and carried, until he had this huge pile inside and had carried wood for over an hour. Finally he gave up, and of course Daddy showed up soon after the last piece of wood came in, but boy, he sure was surprised! I am not sure I could have carried all that myself, at least not so happily as he did.

1 comment:

Rosella said...

aww what a sweetheart!

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