Monday, August 10, 2009

Storm's a-comin!

A friend called us last night and warned us about the coming storm. We prepared as best as we could, which wasn't much. We had the trap door and the other door to the basement open. And then we watched the windows...

You never know what the clouds will look like in Iowa. In all the different places I have lived I have never seen clouds like I see here.

At first these very calm looking straight clouds came up.

Not so smooth as they came closer. And they came closer fast. I took this one through screen, as you can see.

And then they started churning. At this point it starts to get real windy, but it usually passes fairly fast, and as soon as it does, it rains. Sometimes it hails as well, but not last night.

This photo reminds me of Lion King where the monkey says to Simba, "Wat was dat?! Very peculiar weather, wouldn't you say?" ...or something like it.

We did not get as much wind as expected. Our garden didn't suffer as much as it sometimes has. But peculiar, that it was. Definitely!

1 comment:

Danelle said...

I think that is about the most stormy clouds I have ever seen!

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