Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back in time to -- the Civil War Days

My hubby loves American history. He could tell a person a thing or two when it comes to the Civil War. When I found out that there was a battle re-enactment in Lamoni Iowa on Labor Day weekend, I told him about it and sure enough, he wanted to go see it. We went and were impressed. For a re-enactment it was very good.

I assume most of you know what the Civil War was about. If you don't, well, I won't bother to explain it right now.

The blue, versus the gray-

-and the red, hehe.

Let's get em, boys!

Bloody murder. Except in this case there wasn't any real blood. Or real murder, for that matter.

Dem Yankees. Always so uniformed.

Mmmmmm... As for me, I'm glad the North won, and that's all I have to say about it.

Camps. Very authentic.

A cute old-fashioned family. Some of the soldiers hadn't showered for 4 days! Whew. I guess they really took this re-enactment thing to heart.

Aw, lookie here. My little wanna-be-soldier gets to hold the General's pistol. It couldn't get better for a 4 year old than that, can it now? He didn't even know whether to smile or to look mean...

This is Rain Woman, from the Blackfoot tribe. Jessica has waited so long to see a real Indian, and finally had the chance! She felt mighty special to be so close to one.
Ah, the lovely ladies from the civil war era. Too bad my little girl has her eyes closed in this one.

Don't feel too bad for the one-armed soldier. Later on I saw that his arm had grown back. If only it had worked that way in real war.

To hear these canons fire sounded real good! Movies can't make it feel that real. In fact, we both decided this was much better than a movie. We got to see the big picture of what happened all around the fight at the same time, instead of focusing only on a small area.

Maybe some day we can join in on the fun as re-enactors! Yeah, I think we would enjoy that!


Danelle said...

These posts sure fit your blog!

Sarah Jane said...

Oh how fun! Iowa looks like a beautiful place for an Event. I don't know where you are located but each year there is a reenactment in Keokuk, Iowa where we have gone before. Lovely place!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I enjoyed reading your post about this CW reenactment very much!

Pioneer Mom said...

Thanks Sarah Jane! If we ever want to re-enact, maybe I'll contact you with some questions!

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