Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

My oldest two are so friends with each other. I have been thankful for that over and over. Whatever they do together, they do well.

When I started homeschooling Jessica, I soon realized one positive aspect about it that I had never thought about before. I would feel sorry for my big little boy if his sister was in school all day long and he couldn't play with her like he does every day. He will often sit patiently beside her and watch her do her homework or do some coloring beside her, and once she is done, they will run and play again.
Washing dishes can become a very interesting chore. Although I often have to intervene, I have to smile often at the ideas that can be born when two little people stand at the kitchen sink for 30 minutes every day! This includes a lot of science experiments!

He is all up in arms about protecting his sister already. They posed this way and then asked me to take a photo, and I couldn't resist.

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