Friday, June 18, 2010

Our: Home Sweet Little Home

Here are some photos of our home and what keeps us busy. In a few weeks we will be moving into a bigger house. I will be happy for that, because this is starting to feel a bit cramped.

The house trailer from the back. It sits in the orchard under some mango trees, and since it is mango season, they fall on the roof sometimes. At least it isn't on our heads, because if it would feel as bad as it sounds, it wouldn't be funny.

Here are some things on this house that are very typical for Belize which I thought might look strange to some. The windows are made with glass shutters, which are real practical, as you can control how much breeze you want. If it rains a little, we can just close them halfway, and still get some breeze. There is a propane tank at the side of the house, which connects to my oven. And the sink on the porch, is something many houses have around here. It sure is nice when the dirty men can wash up before they come in for lunch... ;)

The children sleep in the kitchen on the floor on a mattress, which we put away for the day.

Rain, rain, rain. It's the tropics, all right. There is something very relaxing about the rain on the roof at night. In this small house we can hear it very well.

On a rainy day, we have to busy ourselves with books, coloring or games. Or go to Grandma's house.

Watching the rain.

On a nice day, climbing the fruit trees and watching the cattle is the thing to do. This is a guava tree.

Or relaxing with a book in the hammock.

...or riding the tricycles,

and the wagon...

As I mentioned, it is mango season. I love canning! And eating mangoes. We don't have to go far to get them either.


Rosella said...

Some mangoes please!!! Thanks for the update..

Bridgette said...

Thanks for the pictures! They are very interesting!

Charles Hsu said...

We are so glad to see you all doing fine. We miss you.

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