Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yes, we're still here

I apologize for the infrequent updating I am doing lately. I have to drive 35 minutes to use a computer where I am able to update like I should be doing, but at least I wanted to let you know we are all well. I know some of you think I have disappeared off the face of the earth, but I am still very much around. Our little house in the orchard, that is.

We have had lots of rain. My garden is still not planted, but I believe it will be happening this week. Once it started raining, it has rained so frequently that there has been no chance to finish working the ground with a tractor, and it needs a little more work before we can plant sweet corn and cucumbers, and maybe some watermelons. That's about all that will grow here in summer. The rest has to be planted in winter, or in cooler weather. Nowadays we have weather thermometer goes up to 100F again. I must be getting used to it. Thankfully we are close to in-laws where I can go and sit in AC if I need it.

We have rented a small house trailer that we moved to Daniel's parents' orchard. It has one bedroom, and one kitchen and bathroom. Small, yes, but very suitable for us now. The house we want to live in is still occupied, and the occupants cannot know exactly when they will be able to move out. It seems there are so many Americans and Belizeans moving back here that houses are pretty occupied around here. Since we are next to our parents, when our house seems too small, we know where to go.

We finally got our cars and stuff last week from Big Creek. It does feel good to have all our things, but it will be lots better once we have our own home to put them all into.

There, you all have a little update...

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