Monday, August 2, 2010

My Day

This is great! I now have internet at my in-laws. No more needing to go all the way to Belmopan just to update a post!

Here's what's new. Our children started their first Bible Camp ever today! They thoroughly enjoyed it. The subject is on Daniel and his companions. Jessica was saying she wishes they could have Bible Camp every day. I dearly wish I had that enthusiasm when it comes to having Bible study or training. I do need to grow a larger appetite for the Word, just like these precious innocent vessels have. May God use them for His purpose!

Here's what went wrong today; Timothy, little sweetheart, broke my 3 quart canning jar! See, I have this 'thing' about jars, and this was a special jar that I had taken with me all the way from Iowa. I had never seen one just like it before, ever! And I probably will never again.. :(. I was using it to make kombucha, but I have some gallon canning jars that work just as well, so it's not like I'm out of jars. I just like to have a collection of all the different sizes of canning jars I can find. I know the Lord had to remind that I am too attached to some little things in this world that really aren't that important. Thank you Lord.

My cucumbers! They don't want to make it! I wonder if there is any place in the world one can still raise healthy cucumber plants without dousing them with some sort of concoction?... I was hoping to can lots of pickles, and just eat lots of fresh ones. But alas, I must learn that gardening here is not so easy, like I already knew, just didn't want to believe. I tried rescuing the poor plants again today, but if it doesn't work, I will have to try again come winter, or next summer.

But hey, we ate some sweet corn today. It looked a little scrawny to start off with, but it tasted just like sweet corn. It sure was a treat. The corn plants don't get nearly as tall as in Iowa, and the ears are not much more than half the size. Anyway, Jessica took a few bites and said, "I'm back in Iowa." Iowa and corn, that is one thing we will never forget. Two things, I guess.

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Rosella said...

glad you got internet close by.. I have missed being in contact with you..=)

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