Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anouncing my new Blog!

I am excited to anounce my new blog that I am working on! I have a huge selection of recipes that are too good to not share, so I have decided to publish them all. Here is the description of the blog, which I will reveal some time soon. I hope to add one recipe a day or a few a week, let's see how it goes!

When my husband was in university and I was a Stay-at-home Mom, I looked for ways to save money, and realized one of the best ways was to make as much food (and other items) from scratch as possible. Here is the result of years of collecting. These recipes replace most storebought items, and are guaranteed to save you money while making your food taste better than ever, plus giving you the peace of mind that you are cooking without preservatives, MSG and other additives.
It is my hope that these recipes will be as useful to you as they have been (and still are) to me!

My favorite meal recipes are still going to be posted on this blog. The new recipes will replace items like salad dressings, sauces, mixes, cereals, crackers, condiments, soups, laundry recipes, insect repellents, cough medicines, tooth care, hair care and and so on!

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I got your message on my blog. I thought I had your e-mail, but I don't. I just got a new computer and when I click on your profile e-mail it tells me my default is not set or something.
I'll have to get hubby to fix it.
Meanwhile, feel free to leave your e-mail on my site. I will NOT post that. Then, I'll give a more detailed message.
Blessings in Jesus!

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