Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teacups and Roses

I have a teacup collection. It's not very big, but every cup is precious and behind almost every one I could post a story of how I came across it. I also can't resist buying decorations or fabric with teacups or teapots when I see something I 'need'. 

 The cup with the pink wild rose is perhaps my most special one. We lived in Iowa at the time I bought it, but I bought it in Winnipeg while visiting my family there. Wild roses grow in Iowa in the ditches in summertime, and how we enjoyed them.

So naturally, when I saw this beautiful cup and saucer, I had to buy them!

 I once told my mom, who likes to visit thrift stores, to keep her eyes open for teacups. She did, and brought us two lovely ones on her last visit here. Then my sister found out I like teacups, so she gave me these two cute lil cups she had picked up in Tawain, where her husband went to school. Aren't they just adorable? (Hi Susie, come on over sometime and we'll have some chinese tea.)
 This little night light was just not going to remain hanging in our store for someone else to grab. I had to snatch it while it was available. It adorns my kitchen at night.

My bare windows above my kitchen sink were needing something to dress them up real bad, and I found this at the store. It fits the window real well, and adds the perfect touch to my country kitchen.

When the weather is rainy as it often is lately, and it gets stormy and overcast, there is nothing better than turning on some lovely music, and brewing a cup of coffee or tea, and sipping it from one of my special cups. My daughter loves to join me when I do.

 I took the above photo at the end of the dry season. The below photo looks amazingly different after some rain. The rain cleared away a lot of smoke; the smoke was worse than it has ever been in the history of this country. Fires are usually made by people clearing land.
I love the rainy season. Sure it means I have to hang my laundry in the basement to dry, but that is ok. If I hang it out in the rainy season I risk being attacked by fire ants, as they are worse during the wet season, so the basement is not a bad place to hang laundry. There are many other reasons to like it; clear air, thunderstorms at night, green grass and trees, and an excuse to drink hot tea and coffee...I am sure there are more.
I think I need a cup now!


Simply Scaife Family said...

Wonderful stories: so precious to recall. Thank yo for sharing these memories- it always amazes me how simple things spark floods of memories.
I love the window with the teapots- great idea!

missionarymomma (Sj) said...

What a peaceful post. I drink a cup of tea everyeveing and also have a tea cup collection. My daughters love having tea too.

Your daughter looks so pretty in the field with a flower. Pictures like that make them feel like princesses I love that.

Your cups are lovely. I really like your tea-cup night light and your new curatins too. I am missing setting up house. My theme has always been apples but I changed it to apples and pineapples last year.

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