Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome Fall!

My Belizean readers probably think I'm crazy, talking about fall! Belize does have four seasons, only they differ a little from North American seasons: 
warm summer, 
hot summer,
humid summer, 
cool summer.

When in Tennessee, we had the most beautiful fall ever. I really fell in love with fall when I lived there. Ever since we moved from the US, I miss this wonderful season. 

Blue Skies
Crisp Air
Crunchy apples on trees
Colorful trees
Leaves on the ground
Geese honking overhead
Fresh apple cider
Aunt Sue's apple butter
Apple Pie
Everything else apple!
Corn being threshed

O wait! We have corn here too that will be threshed soon! So not all is lost here after all. I have something to remind me of fall... In fact, I decided this year I am going to celebrate fall, regardless of what it looks like outside. I had fun decorating my house for fall! Even if it might feel a little out of place, it helps me not miss it quite so much. 

 I hung this corn on the front porch close to the door. Lucky we have our own corn field so I can pick as much as I please for decorating.

 Well, how about that! This made me so very excited to see. Last year I looked around for trees changing color, but didn't find anything worth noting, I thought. this year, much to my delight, I noticed the tree right in front of our house has some leaves that look like this just before they fall off. You will find a few kinds of trees here that turn yellowish or orange, but probably not in fall.
 I fashioned this sign a few weeks ago. I thought it would add so much to my decor, and it seems to work.
 I wish you could smell that candle! Pumpkin pie spice. Hmmm, it spells pure autumn to me. Those maple leaves in the frame were some I picked up from Tennessee; I don't part with things easily, can you tell??? Glad I didn't!
 I got my inspiration for this candle holder from here.

 Nuts are hard to come by here, so I went with cohune nuts, which are available all year long and can be picked up in any woods. Using my crude wire basket, this turned out to be a pretty neat centerpiece I thought. Ok, pumpkins aren't impressive here, but maybe I haven't looked in the right place yet. People call these brown squash pumpkins around here. I think I will have to raise my own next year...
Ok, this one obviously looks a little out of place against a green background. Hmmm, I'll think about what I should do with it...

There you have it. Fall in Belize!

Now, I want to share with you some real fall photos from Tennessee and Iowa...

 That was our old house. See the smoke curling out of the chimney? It takes me back to those years when 'life was simple, sweet and slow' could come in from the crisp fresh air out where you chopped some firewood, then warm yourself by the stove...

Maple trees adorned our yard with golds and reds...


 I sometimes wonder if this swing is still hanging from that maple tree in the middle of our yard?...And if any children are ever swinging in it, dragging their feet through those crunchy leaves on the ground...I better stop myself...

 Going to the Smokey Mountains, we saw lots of beautifully decorated places.

This one's taken on our farm in Iowa. One fall we had apples, all we could handle and much more from one tree. That was an apple fall all right!

That is my autumn post for you. I hope you enjoyed the little tour!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics! We need to get together for dinner.. Blessings, Kelly

Pioneer Mom said...

Thanks Kelly! I plan to come over soon...

Anonymous said...

A touch of fall is in the air here in East TN. The weather is cool, the sky is bright blue, and the squirrels are BUSY! There is just a bit of color starting to show on the leaves. And it all makes me think about making apple butter.

Pioneer Mom said...

Aww Anita, I can just imagine how it feels! Weather here is still pretty humid and warm, but it will change soon, and then we will have several wonderful months here too. Apples are pricey here, but yeah, apple butter would be great. Maybe I should make some anyway.

Rosella said...

I admire you for making it feel like fall!

Beth said...

Since I have also spent some time in Eastern Tennessee, I share your sentiment. I can't wait for the cooler weather to come this year. It has been a very hot year this year in Belize. Your photos bring me back to the little house I shared with my brother in the humble hills behind Crossville

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