Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Day Out

Last Saturday we went out for the day with the crew that is associated with the light plant where Daniel works part time. The kids sure enjoyed it; I did too, but wasn't able to do the things most others did because of my blessed situation. It was ok; this way I was able to focus all attention on Timothy and had fun with him.
We went on a bus with the other folks together to Cave's Branch where most enjoyed some zip lining and cave tubing. I enjoyed watching where I could. A shame I couldn't zipline, as from a kid I have always dreamed of doing it. Hopefully some day!

 Getting all saddles up for the journey through space.


 What's this? Not my baby! Yes, my baby too! Guess what this mother prayed as she saw her helpless little 3 year old fly down that line hanging on for dear life! (Why don't they enforce any age rules around here...???)
 O well; you want them to grow up sometime.


 There she goes! It's pretty hard to get a good photo of this sport. Everything goes too fast!

 And this is the only proof I have that my baby made it across the first line. For whatever reason I or my camera couldn't operate when he was in the air...wonder why...
 After one zip he was done! Ah what a relief on my part...although I think he enjoyed it; with him it is hard to tell...

Joseph had no problem zipping along like a pro. I enjoy seeing him being such a brave tough little man.
 The next fun thing was tubing through the cave. I walked as far as the river but stopped there. Timothy had fun at the water for a while and after that we looked at a small cave.

 I tried to teach him to take a photo of me. Not too bad for a three year old after several tries!

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