Sunday, June 10, 2012

4 weeks

 My, time flies! A lot has happened in 4 weeks.We've had a baby, me major surgery, I've lost a lot of pounds, Joseph had his life is rapidly returning to normal. It feels so great when that happens after baby. At first it seems like it will never be normal again, but then, slowly but surely, you are able to do a little more one day, and more again another day, and life seems back on track...We have received lots of food, thanks to everybody that brought us some! That combined with using disposable dishes has made life manageable...

 Here's me and my girls in blue. Sometimes I am still in awe that I really have 2 girls!
 Little miss chubby cheek.
 First day out to the meeting today! I have been a real good girl this time, staying home longer than with most of the others before I went out to meetings and shopping. Just trying to follow some good advice.

That is our family now.

1 comment:

Rosella said...

Thank you for the update! Beautiful family. Four children makes the family look so much bigger! :) I just want to hold the little princess. Bring her to Canada.

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