Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Day on Grandma's Farm

Last Sunday the relatives from my dad's side spent an afternoon on the old farm again, perhaps for the last time. I wanted to be sure not to miss the event, so I stayed home in the morning to ensure the baby, and myself, would not get overtired and could enjoy it. It was very precious, and I wanted to keep some memories so I made sure to take photos.It was a very typical sunday, one that has been played over and over many times before. Some things just don't change much.

 Women always sit in circles, catching up on the latest news, enjoying each other's babies and gossiping like only women can.
 Men sit around too, in small circles or stand and talk about their stuff...
Grandma herself, cheerfully greeting everyone who came. Since Grandpa passed away last year, these gatherings mean much to her.

 Mothers enjoying their newborns...these two are 4 days apart. Victoria and Jonathan, my uncle's youngest.
Children are 'feeding' the cow cut grass here.
 This small wheelbarrow has been left on the farm so far and was once again played with by the great-grandchildren here. Those wooden toys Grandpa built year ago have been so valuable to at least two generations, and they fetched a good price when sold at auction a while back.

 Cousins and uncles and aunts looking at things that were being given away. Most of Grandma's things were sold or given away before, but the last bits still were up for grabs. I myself grabbed a few more items, as you can see in the bottom.

 The aunts and granddaugthers had prepared a feast, like many times before. There was taco salad, lots of fruits and cakes, cookies, and pudding for dessert. There was also sweet iced tea, which was the best drink for the humid, hot day it turned out to be.

 Now for some memory photos... The old sidewalk has become tilted over the years. It leads to the outhouse...
Yep, I have used this outhouse many a time. I used to help Grandma with her washing on monday mornings before I got married, and back then they had no inside bathroom, so that's what we did. It was several degrees cleaner back then than it is now...I remember going in there once and seeing a snake it in it; Grandpa checked it out but by then it had disappeared.

 When I hung the laundry on these lines, Grandma often made me wear one of her many straw hats to keep the sun out of my face. I grabbed this one for keeps.

 Jessica in front of the barn, where back in the day many cows were milked by my uncles. I used to memorize the names of all cows, and would along in front of their heads as they were being milked. It was always a little scary.
 A scrap rug I picked.
 I found this sewing machine cover, and since i have an old treadle machine, it was just what I needed. It even matches the colors in my living room.

 An old container for flowers. I might transplant some of these into my old tire that sits almost empty now.

 This chair is one thing I purchased at he auction a while back. The dishes are all from Grandma's kitchen.

I just had to add two more photos...these glasses used to contain mustard. Buy mustard, and get some beautiful glasses. Life is just too simple nowadays, isn't it...

This might look like an old piece of trash, but no, not to me. When I was a little girl, Grandma had this crate-turned-shelf filled with toy dishes. When I went back several days ago, I spied it sitting outside by the door, and I salvaged it.

These items will keep bringing back the good old memories for many years to come yet...


Simply Scaife Family said...

Such beautiful and blessed memories..thank you for sharing these precious times!

Kim Brenneman said...

I remember having the same experience when my grandparents moved out of their cottage. I love the odd things in my house that came from Grandma's.

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