Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tea Time Again

 Dilmah tea! I always like to see what new varieties they have available. 
This time I picked apple cinnamon and vanilla.

It is quite attractive in my now favorite teacup.
 I am tickled pink by the cute tea tags!

I found two sets of this dark rosed teacup at a yard sale a while ago. 
 All it takes to make a beautiful vase for decoration is
 -- a cod liver oil bottle! 
 I had finally gotten to baking cinnamon rolls which I had been
hungry for a while after baby already. Was awesome!
Even though my daughter and I try to sneak in a little tea time for ourselves,
when those rowdy boys come along and want a cup, we don't refuse them!
I think it is cute when boys want tea with the ladies.
I know they will outgrow it soon enough.

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Bernideen said...

I love that you linked to my blog! Please come again. I enjoyed my visit here as well!

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