Friday, October 16, 2009

The bad and the good

Today did not go as hoped. I needed some winter clothes for the children; it's stunning how I can't keep them supplied.... Anyway, so I went first and bought my groceries. After I had shopped and loaded them, I realized I had not bought the flax, so back in I went while I left the kiddos on the car, after strict instructions to stay buckled up and not to unlock or open doors for ANYONE. I don't usually do that, leaving them like that, but sometimes you just do what you have to do. In a small country store, I think it's quite safe, but still, you never know.

Well, after that I went to kidworks for clothes, and when I got there I found out they did not have any carts to put my baby in. Duh. How do they expect me to shop in peace if I have to carry around a 24 lb baby?!!! They would not even let me borrow their strollers. That is all right, because they want to sell them, but I don't know how they expect to sell baby clothes when moms can't even put their babies down anywhere safe. As I went out (after buying just one sleeper) they said they hope I come again. I just grunted. I don't feel like going back anytime soon. And then the prices were through the roof! 35, 45 for a jacket? For crying out loud, I better head to Walmart.

I ended up going to Salvation army, but no clothes there worth looking at. I did find a treasure, which is the good thing. Keep reading, and you'll see...

Well, so we were hungry after that and I bought something at Taco Bell. I decided to quickly go see what Goodwill might have after we were done eating, but then my baby fell asleep... I could not be so mean as to wake him up and make him go through another shopping session, so I decided to just head on home.

Anyway, here is my treasure. The two cutest, smallest oil lamps I have ever seen. Since I collect oil lamps, this was a real keeper. So, my day was somewhat unsuccessful, but at least I have two more oil lamps! That is always a good thing, right?

Here is one that is burning beside one my big lamps. It works perfectly.

It actually fits in my hand. I have never seen such a cute lil lamp, have you???

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