Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodbye, Dixie

Today we gave up our baby horse and her partner, Trixie. I know, its not long ago when we got Trixie, and we would have loved to keep Dixie, but there comes a time in life when you have to weigh between what you need to do and what you would love to do, and sometimes you just have to do the sensible thing. for us it meant giving up our horses.

One last treat of apple for our girl. we had decided to sell the horses at an auction, until we found out most horses are shipped out of country for slaughter. We couldn't bear to see our beautiful Tennessee Walker being slaughtered and fed to the dogs, so we were glad when we found someone that wanted to take her in and care for her.

We will never regret that we had horses, and when Dixie's mama Rose was still with us, we had lots of fun riding her. Our children have learned a lot about horses and farm life because we had horses.

We are gonna miss not having her, but it's for the best. There's not much use having two horses that need to be trained, but nobody has the time to train, and having horses costs money and time, both of which we don't have plenty extra nowadays. We can always get another horse later on.

I see relief written all over his face. Now, its time to hang up that hat, and get back to the engineering life!


Rosella said...

aw that's sad in a way but I guess that makes sense.

Danelle said...

Wow, I'll have to understand all that! It's to bad now that we don't have any family that has horses. We could always go to a public horse riding, but there they have so many rules that I get very ticked off with .... But it's good you people get to go and visit Dixie!

Rosie said...

:( makes me sad too... but I understand. I had to do the same with my horse years ago.

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