Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What the garden brought in...

I didn't post too many gardening articles this summer, so I thought I should wrap it all up here. In midsummer when the sun is sweltering and the weeds are awful, one wonders why do we have such a huge garden!? But, once all is brought in and preserved for the winter, it is time to sit back and feel good, right?

We had plenty of sweet corn, and still have some frozen. the ears were not too big, so next year we need to focus more on fertilizing them better.

I was able to can lots of tomato juice and some soup, but did not have quite enough to make ketchup and salsa this year.

In Iowa the season is hardly long enough for peppers, but if I have enough plants I can still harvest plenty.

Sweet potatoes! I never raised them before, but tried it this year, and was very pleased when I was able to dig up several pounds of these. That's more than I've ever bought in a whole year, so that is great! Now, I can make as much sweet potato casserole as I want to. HMMM YUMMMM.

Carrots, carrots and carrots! Not very sweet around here, but the juice is drinkable. We also like them cooked and in soups.

This is what will keep us healthy this winter. This looks like a crazy amount of onions, but we had to throw some out because they got rotten and I could'nt keep up with cutting and freezing fast enough. We might still have enough to see us through the year.

One thing I didn't take photos of is pototoes. We got boxes full of those stacked away already, and as slowly as we're eating them, they will surely last all year.

And then there were the bunches of sunberries; I have some bags of those in the freezer for pies. We have also enjoyed fried okra several times this year, which was a real treat.

"Moreover, that every man should eat and drink and taste enjoyment in all his labor; it is the gift of God." Eccelesiastes 3:13

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