Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello again

I feel like I've not been doing too good lately with updating my blog. What I have been good with is being pregnant, besides trying to keep doing all that still needs to be done. But, by now I have past the first trimester without a hitch, and all is looking and feeling great! I am back in my getting-the-house-clean kind of mood. 
Here are some new photos to enjoy again.

 A few weeks ago we had a flood here like we do once or twice a year. I thought this was beautiful, even though not very convenient to not be able to cross the bridge to the outside world.
 The flooded river is where I saw these beauties of butterflies in the grass.

 An old raintree covering a road on the way to Daniel's field. On a clear day you can be under it and suddenly it can drop some fine waterdrops. I think it is called a raintree because it closes its leaves when it rains.

Somma Borsht. A soup recipe passed on down from my dear Grandmother. Dill is what gives it its unique flavor, and added buttermilk gives it a bit of sour taste. I didn't have sorrel leaves but substituted callaloo leaves instead, and with sausage, potatoes and salt and pepper added to it, you have a great soup for a chilly day.
 No I don't ask Timothy to do any school work, but when Joseph studies he will sometimes ask, Where's my book? Click on this photo and you will see what's interesting. Joseph was reading his story from Days Go By, while Timothy copied what he said while he looked in the first grader, held upside down! I thought it was real sweet.
 When I saw some good peanuts at the store I bought a huge bag full and made some fresh peanut butter. With some local mountain grown wild honey mixed in, it never tasted better. I like to leave the red shells on the peanuts. It leaves tiny red flecks in the peanut butter and my guess is it just might add fiber as well, who knows...

This little man is becoming a champion at crokinole.

There you have a little update. Besides that I am gaining weight but that is not important to show anyway. 

Have a great night!

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