Friday, July 25, 2014

Trip to the ER

For a change we took Victoria in to see a Dr this week. She is two and in the stage where she loves getting in trouble, or so it seems! So one afternoon this week I found her in the pantry where she had managed to pull her high chair through the door and then got on it and was able to reach my medication. I know, this is not good! I asked her what she was doing and she proudly showed me the empty vitamin E bottle. it was almost new and I had not taken out much more than 15 out of a hundred if even that. I quickly picked up the pills I found and then off to google to see what happens in a v e overdose. I didn't need to read much past the words: in case of overdose seek emergency medical attention. 

I called Daniel and told him what had happened and that we needed to take her in. I also called the local nurse, who contacted a ped for me and then called me back and said I needed to make that child vomit. I had never done such a thing before, but by then Daniel was home so he held her while I stuck my finger in her throat. She threw up a blob of the stuff, but we still felt we needed and were encouraged by the nurse to take her in. You don't let a child eat 80 or more v e's and not do something about it! I also looked in my chart to see what to do in case of vitamin overdose. It said to give charcoal and milk so that's what I did.

Off to the nearest hospital we went. It was one hour after ingesting the pills that they suctioned out her stomach. It must have been the most horrifying experience for a little girl, but one that needed to happen. She showed no negative side effects so we believe she was spared the worst. I am so thankful I caught her in time. The Lord is merciful!

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Elvira said...

Amen! Just today I was thinking that it was a miracle how our children were kept safe with such a multitude of fatal "possibilities". Each one of them is in His plan.

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