Monday, July 14, 2014

Trip to Guatemala

We came back from a short trip to Guatemala city. The Dr. took a good look at her, did several tests, but was not able to find any more at this point other than the uti she has had. We are to watch out for more uti s in the next few months. If there is a further problem that she gets them, we are to come back for more testing to see if her urethers have defects. Otherwise, he encouraged  us to just feed her, perhaps try a little formula on the side to see if that did the trick. Not that I think it is the problem, but if that would fatten her up I'd be willing to try it.

What we would have liked to see was if there was a way to get her tested for metabolic diseases, but it seems like that's not so easily done this side of the US. The blood would need to be shipped to the US, or we would need to go there for further tests. We feel that is a little out of reach at this point. But the Dr himself was so unconcerned about any serious problems that we don't feel it has to be done right now. 

She is a happy and healthy girlie otherwise so we might just be destined to have a small baby on our hands. She is clearly very smart and alert.

We might have more questions in the future, but for now we try to relax and believe that the Lord is guiding us and we can trust in Him and that we are doing our part.

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