Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kittens, anyone?

All we wanted was to get Jessica 2 young kittens to replace her two that had gotten lost several months ago. So how did we end up with 5?!!!

First of all we went to Grandma and Grandpa Bs to pick up two little ones.

Then we found out they were hard to catch and so it took us a while to get two, but since they were not exactly the ones she wanted the most, Daddy figured let's just get a third and have an extra one, should we lose one, or two...

You never know when a coon or coyote will decide a kitten is an easy dinner, or when one is stupid enough to wander onto the road and get run over, so a third did not sound like a bad idea... ...until it turns into a fourth, and a fifth kitten, that is!!!

Two nights ago in the middle of night Jessica came to me and said, "Do you think the kittens need anything? I hear them meowing and meowing." I mumbled something like, "No, I'm sure they're fine. Just go back to sleep. Check on them in the morning." Soon I am awakened again, this time by a meowing kitten. I get up, switch on the porch light, and look for all three of them, but they are fine. Then I hear that sound coming from outside. Must be stray cat, I dismissed... Until next morning when we heard that meowing again and we went and checked; sure enough, crouched by the wood pile is a furry little kitten.

Just look at it! Scared, lonely, needing attention... Who else but Jessica can give a kitten what it needs?! Their mama of course, but no mamas around here except my little girl.

The next morning I thought I had heard another sound from outside, but I thought, surely not! But yes, among the woodpile, another little kitten! Same size, different kind though. Now who can just dismiss the pitiful cry of a lonely hungry kitten that has somehow lost his home... So, we take it in too, feed it and love it. Well the children do, that is. I don't like cats. Never have, never will. But I can put up with them for my children's sakes. It makes them happy, and we need them to catch the mice around here, so yeah, I can put up with them.

Now, what do we do with five kittens? I have to stretch my dollars as is just to buy food for us, let alone for a family of kittens! There's Smokey, (guess which one's Smoky!!!) and Rosie, Sally, Simba and Fluffy. They are kind of cute now, aren't they though?.


Anonymous said...

Awwww ... We (at least me) would love to come down there and take all of 'em from you!

Danelle said...

The upper comment was me, sorry!

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