Friday, July 24, 2009

Going to see Grandma!

Hi all! We are going on a little trip come Sunday. We will be traveling up to Winnipeg to see our family and to renew our visas on the way back. I am excited! I'll get to see my littlest niece that I've never seen yet-for real! I will be sure to post some pictures once we are back and I've caught up with all my work. Which might not happen for a while, because the garden is starting to peak! Yesterday I picked 4 cabbages, dug out a whole row of carrots, picked and canned all green beans, picked cucumbers, and put straw around the watermelons. And now I have sore muscles in my legs...sigh.

But, before we go on our trip, we have a picnic coming up at Daddy's workplace on Saturday, which is tomorrow! That will be a lot of fun too, especially for the little ones.

We'll be posting more fun stuff in the near future here! Hope you all have a good time! I have work to do, and I better get my behind moving here, if we are to get ready...

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