Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homemade Napkins

When I visited another blog a while back, a mom explained how she had made her own napkins, and I knew I was making some. I had this fabric given to me by a friend, and it just needed to be put to good use, and this was it! The basket I picked up for free at a yard sale. When I serve food and have these cloth napkins on the table, people admire them. So many storebought ones are so cheap that you need several to do the job, but with these, you only need one. If you want quality disposable napkins, you have to pay lots of money, lots more than these homemade ones cost. Besides being a huge money saver, it is something people will enjoy using, and you are also going green---now that's a good thing!

(The size of the finished napkins are 12" by 12".)
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