Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teddybears and Teeth

Not that those two have anything in common, but they go together this time. Friday I was working in the kitchen and looked out the window when Daniel came home, and here come Jessica and Joseph tugging this huge box between them, and their faces all giggles. I recognized that box from the dentist, so I knew I had won the big old teddybear. 

You see, I had my teeth reworked a  lot last year. So, together with what all the rest of us had spent on teeth, it seems we were their most valued customer of the year. Not that I would fix one tooth to get a free teddybear, but so what, the children love it! I think I can put up with that.

And, here are some before and after pictures. I am quite happy with the looks. It took a while to adjust, and I had to learn how to say the F letter all over again, but by now I am quite used to the 'new' teeth. In the US we could have never afforded it, but dental work here costs a fraction of what it does there, so we thought it would be worth it, especially since my teeth are naturally very bad and I will be able to keep them longer if I have them crowned. It only took three appointments and a checkup. 
But it did take some pain to endure.

 Man, don't I look old. I sometimes have to take a look at these photos to remind myself how I looked before and tell myself it was actually worth the money.

This dentist tries hard to make the new teeth look natural. It might not be 'celebrity' perfect, but people do say it looks very natural.

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Rosella said...

That's a great improvement!

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